Website Critiques

You put a lot of work into your website. So it can be extremely frustrating if all of that work seems to be fruitless: not enough visitors, disappointing sales revenue, too few productive leads.

Quite often, the solution is a simple one: fixing the website copy.

The articles and posts may not be search-engine friendly, meaning you’re not attracting all the visitors you should. The copy may be ineffective, not clearly focusing on your unique sales proposition or lacking a clear call to action. Or the navigation and linking may be confusing, preventing visitors from finding your most convincing or important pages.

Our website critique service focuses on all of these areas. We’ll go through your site, page-by-page, to find the problems and suggest solutions.

You may just need some cosmetic changes, you may need some subtle changes to encourage response, or you may need a partial or full rewrite of your website copy. We might suggest a regular schedule of blog posting or social media interaction to attract and feed search engine spiders (and also encourage return visits). We’ll dig deeply into your site to find the answer. If you like, we can also put together a comprehensive proposal to fix the problems.

Once we know your URL and what you’re trying to accomplish on your site, we can get to work. Contact us today for a free consultation.