Full Websites

Many businesses view their websites as a beautiful business card. It may look nice, but the rate at which people visiting the site are converted into customers or clients is usually, to put it bluntly, terrible.

A website is not a business card. It should be a collection of articles, posts and other content, organized so that it funnels visitors into a channel that produces sales, newsletter signups or whatever action is your ultimate goal. If the site does anything less than this, your revenues will suffer.

At Prestige Writing, we provide full website copywriting. Instead of thrashing together random pages that confuse or bore your visitors, we work with you to develop a global plan for the copy on the site. Common issues we’ll discuss with you are:

  1. What is the desired action you wish the visitor to take?
  2. What problem does your target audience have that you can solve?
  3. How do your products or services solve that problem?
  4. What are the features of your products or services?
  5. What are the benefits the client will receive by using them?
  6. Do you have videos, infographics or other media to support the products or services?

Once we’ve covered these issues with you, a content plan can be created to drive your visitors from entry pages to the key pages of the site. Then we’ll help you deliver a clear call to action – whether that action is ordering a product, picking up the phone to call you, following you on social media or something else.

If you are happy with a pretty website that doesn’t produce the revenues you need – there’s no reason to call us. If you are looking for dynamic content that grabs visitors and compels them to action – get in touch today.