You’re probably already aware that you can find outsourced or foreign writers to produce “copy” for $5-$10 per page. If that’s what you’re looking for, is a good place to start. Then come on back after you see what you get for your money.

You can also find major advertising agencies who will have their in-house copywriters produce work for you for $1000 or more per page. We think that’s almost criminal. If you want to pay us $1000 to write a page of copy, we’ll also come to your house and wash your car as a bonus.

We believe in charging fair rates for our work; we don’t produce anything that you can buy for five or ten dollars, and we certainly won’t charge you thousands of dollars for a few pages of copy. Our rates are competitive with those of other professional or boutique writing services, or upper-level freelance copywriters.

It’s almost impossible to give you a firm guide to our pricing, because every project is different. We don’t have “packages” to sell you; we want to be able to make recommendations based on your needs.

However, we know that many people want to at least have ballpark figures before they send an email or pick up the phone. So here’s a general idea of our rates, but please bear in mind that the complexity of a project or the length of copy needed will certainly affect the final price. We do offer discounts for larger orders, and all of our quotes are customized for your project.

Articles: starting at $60
Blog Posts: starting at $60
Content Planning and Promotion: starting at $500
Copy Editing and Proofreading: starting at $25 per page
Full Websites: contact us
Press Releases: starting at $125
Sales Copy: starting at $200
Social Media Posts: customized to your needs
Website Critiques: starting at $500

Again, these are just general guidelines – and we’d be delighted to prepare a custom quote for your work. Please get in touch.