Content Planning and Promotion

When is a website complete? Never. You can never build a website and consider it “complete” if you want to be successful. Your new traffic, and particularly your returning visitors, expect to see timely and relevant information. This is where our content planning and promotion service comes in.

Imagine a scenario: you run into a problem with the Windows operating system on your new computer. You pop online to try to find a solution, and find a Windows troubleshooting and repair site. It has a ton of information. The only problem? All the information is applicable to Windows Vista and XP.

Not exactly helpful today.

Will you ever come back to this site or buy something through it? Probably not.

If you want to be effective online, you must constantly add content to your website – relevant, updated content. The internet is all about “now.” If visitors to a site realize the content is six months or a year out of date, they are going to have a bad impression of that site and brand. That’s the kiss of death for an online business.

Just as importantly, there is currently a “loophole” in the Google ranking algorithm: it heavily favors fresh content. When properly optimized each piece of fresh content on your site will not only help your overall rankings, the new content itself will often pop into the top 10 of the rankings, bringing in immediate traffic. This alone makes it smart to constantly update the content on your site.

At Prestige Writing, we specialize in creating content plans and schedules to flesh out important subjects – or discover new subjects – which can be topics for continuing updates on your site. This means your site will constantly be updated, making for happy visitors who return to the site repeatedly, and happy search engine spiders as well. Schedule an appointment today to learn what we can do for your online business with regularly-scheduled content postings.