Frequently Asked Questions

It seems that all writing services promise the world. Why should I believe you more than them?

You’re right, it does seem that way – in fact, it seems every service provider in every field makes lofty promises. That’s why we don’t ask you to believe in us blindly. Read the content on our website and see if it’s the type of writing that you’d like to see represent you. Check out our samples and see the different styles and approaches we utilize depending on the client’s needs and wishes. Most importantly, contact us to get a feel for the way we do business.

My business is unique. How will you be able to write for me when you don’t know my industry?

We’ve written on hundreds of subjects and industries, so you might be surprised how much we already know. But there’s also a real knack to “getting inside” a new topic, and it’s one of the things on which we pride ourselves. We’ll ask questions and listen to your explanations, plus we’ll do outside research, so that we’re both comfortable that we have the necessary knowledge to tackle your project. If your business is just so complicated that we don’t think we can do a quality job for you, we’ll tell you. But that seldom happens – understanding new topics is one of the things we enjoy most.

Will you make revisions if I think something you’ve written needs to be changed?

Of course.

How will we be communicating?

We’re available by email and phone, usually as much as 16 hours a day. Once we begin your project we prefer email, only because we’re also dealing with other clients and writing copy which requires our full attention. But we always pick up the phone as well.

How will my copy be delivered?

We normally deliver copy in a word document sent by email. If you have other needs or requirements, just ask.

What are your payment terms? What forms of payment do you accept?

For new clients, we require full payment before a job is started. This is because we’ll be doing all the work to “complete” a job (not including revisions, of course) before delivery. We’re happy to work with existing clients on different terms.
We prefer company checks or paypal (which also allows you to pay by credit card). If you’d like to arrange a different form of payment, just ask.

How much does your work cost?

Every job is different, which is why we create custom, no-obligation quotes after discussing your project with you. However, we do want to stress that this isn’t “bargain basement” writing, and you can certainly find people who will produce copy for a lower price. It just won’t be anywhere near the same quality. Our prices are competitive, but they’re competitive with other high-end writing services, not competitive with the “1000 words for $10″ copy mills or independent foreign writers. For a general idea of price ranges, please visit our “pricing” page.

Do you offer writing services other than those listed on your site?

Certainly. We can produce newspaper or newsletter copy, broadcast copy, e-books and a lot more. Just contact us and we’ll discuss your needs.

I’m still not sure. Are you really that good? Should I hire you?

Yes, we are. Yes, you should.