Sales Copy

Sales copy has always been critical to businesses. The growth of the Internet and its importance in your overall sales strategy has introduced a whole new dimension to sales copy – because what works in the brick and mortar world is often the wrong approach online. For internet sales, you need quality copy which grabs a casual reader, funnels them where you want them to go, captures them with a clear and definitive call to action and turns them into a paying customer.

Let’s be honest. Most consumers are so inundated with advertising that they are effectively immune to it. If your sales copy is blatant or overwhelms the reader, it really isn’t going to convert visitors to your website very well.

Today, sales copy needs to be a bit more subtle. A quality headline must be used to get the visitor to actually start reading the copy. Once that is accomplished, the copy itself should identify the problem the reader has (whether they know it or not) and then introduce and sell the solution you are providing.

At this point, many companies make the mistake of focusing on the features of their products or services. Features are nice, but they carry no emotional attachment. At Prestige Writing, our sales copy converts well because we focus on the benefits of the product. That provides an emotional hook for your target audience. Of course, we’ll also outline the features of your product as appropriate, but selling the benefits is where leads are converted, and money is made.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss your products and their benefits and features, your USP, your ultimate goals – and then craft punchy, well-written sales copy which will translate into conversions. Proper sales copy will justify the return on investment many times over.

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