You’ve probably heard the cliché: “content is king” when it comes to doing well online. This notion has been around for many years, but a twist has recently been added by major online platforms like Google. What’s the twist? Quite simply, the articles you publish on your site or on other sites, must be of high quality and unique.

A classic example of how online article publishing has changed involves Google and its search engine results. A couple of years ago, Google changed its ranking algorithm to take into account the quality of content on websites. This update was known as “Panda” and it was a doozy for millions of sites because it addressed a common online problem – marketing technique abuses.

What is marketing technique abuse? It’s what happens when a particular marketing technique proves highly effective, and then becomes badly abused as people find ways to automate or overdo it.

In the case of articles, people quickly realized 500-plus word articles could rank really well in Google and bring in traffic. What happened next was typical. Software programs were created to “spin” the words in an article to turn one article into perhaps 50 different versions, which could then be posted all over the web with links back to the target site.  Of course, the quality of the articles was terrible, but who cared if they ranked high in Google?

The current content creation climate is much more refined. Low-quality articles no longer help your website and they usually don’t even rank in the Google search results. Actually, such content is more likely to hurt your site in the rankings.

At Prestige Writing, we create unique, interesting and high quality content for our clients. We can write to any length you wish, but we suggest avoiding the typical 500 word article. We also specialize in 2,000 word articles, for which Google is currently building a separate search engine.

We can write articles for your own website, for “guest posting” on other quality sites, or for any other purpose. We first discuss the subject matter with you to determine the key points you wish to stress and learn any important facts which must be included. Then we conduct our own research on the subject, and create articles that you’ll be happy to call your own.

Contact us today to discuss your project. We do not offer standard packages because every project is unique and your content deserves custom attention.