Copy Editing/Proofreading

Nobody knows your business or primary focus better than you do. But when you sit down to write, does your knowledge always translate into sharp, readable copy that illuminates, convinces or sells?

Do you want to be sure that your grammar is correct? That simple writing errors don’t turn off your readers or potential customers?

We can help.

One of the areas in which we specialize is copy editing and proofreading. We can check your writing for clarity, spelling and grammatical errors, and turn the rough spots into jewels. If you’re not sure that you’re making your argument perfectly, or if you’re struggling to find the right words to trigger a buying decision, we can help you through the difficult spots. We can even take rough drafts and turn them into finished products of which you can be proud.

If you’re not getting the search engine results you’re looking for, we can help there as well. With combined decades of writing for the web, we know the type of text, keyword density and LSI keyword content that search engine spiders want to see. We can edit your copy to make it more search engine friendly and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Even the best professional writers need editors and proofreaders. A new set of eyes on your copy can work wonders.

Let us be you’re your second set of eyes, and well we’ll prefect perfect your writing. We’ll help you turn it into a great piece of work a masterpiece. Contact us today for a free consultation.