Hiring a Writer? Here’s What to Look For.

We hire writers all the time. Here’s a list of what we consider “essential” when deciding who makes the cut.
what to look for when hiring a writer

  • Writing ability: this is obviously the most important qualifier. Is their content well-written in native English, without spelling or grammatical errors? Is it easy to understand? If it’s an article or narrative, does it deliver what the introduction or title promises? If it’s sales copy, is there a clear and effective call to action?
  • Intellectual curiosity: they’re going to have to write on a variety of subjects, many of which are new to them. Are they interested to learn about new topics and grasp new material quickly? Are they good researchers, and does their research translate into authoritative copy?
  • Personal qualities: they need to be good listeners, quick studies and easy to work with. Do they quickly grasp new information and ask the right questions? Can they produce quality work in a timely fashion without constant direction and correction?

This is not an exhaustive list, of course, but it’s a good way to narrow down the candidates. We hope it helps you, whether you’re looking to hire an in-house writer or searching for a quality writing service like ours.