How Do You Know When You’ve Found A “Great” Copywriter?

(Actually, you just did. But play along for a few minutes.)

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A decent copywriter conveys information clearly and succinctly.
  • A good copywriter makes the information interesting, with a good sales pitch.
  • A great copywriter makes you want to keep reading – until you buy.



That one’s easy.

  1. Find a copywriter whose work you love…and who you believe can sell your product effectively.
  2. If you can afford him – the price is right. The return on investment will be worth it.


You can’t be serious.

Completely serious. Let’s pick a few numbers out of the air and talk about this.

Q: Who should choose a copywriter based on price?
A:  Someone who doesn’t expect to make many sales.

Sure, you can save $100, $200 or $300 by choosing a decent copywriter instead of the great one you really want.
And that’s a lot of money to save…if you’re just hoping to sell 100 items at $10 apiece.

But you wouldn’t be reading this if you’re only expecting to gross $1000.
You’re here – because you need copy which will earn you a lot more than that.

The bottom line:

Don’t hire a copywriter by comparing prices.
Find the writer whose work you love, and then think about ROI.

If you’re selling expensive items and/or want to do a lot of volume…

and cheap copy converts at 2%, while more expensive copy converts at 8%…

Is it really important to save $100 on your sales copy?
Of course not.

Is the higher-priced copy a smarter investment?
Of course.




Every copywriter offers “testimonials” about their conversion rates.

Here are two of ours:

“The conversions were so good and we were so busy, that I was complaining: ‘You wrote it too well.’”

“Generally my page converts at one sale per day and now it’s three per day with the same traffic. Extraordinary – I got back my money in no time.”

But there’s a dirty little secret which you may already have suspected: a lot of copywriters either make their testimonials up, or get them from friends.

If you’re wondering, ours are real.
Well, at least we say they are. (And they are.)
But how can you really know for sure?


Here’s how to tell if a copywriter’s copy will convert:


Where do great copywriters do some of their best work? On their own site.

Don’t worry about their prices for the time being. You can consider that issue later.
Just read the copy they’ve written to sell their own services, and ask yourself three questions:

  • How was their work? Was it just decent, good or really great?
  • Did they keep you reading all the way through?
  • Most importantly – did they convince you to consider hiring them?

That’s how you’ll know if they can write copy which will convert.
And, of course, it’s how you’ll know if you want to learn more about them.

Want to learn more about us? Great.
In a moment, we’ll tell you how to reach us.

But quickly:

  1. Please don’t be scared off by our earlier discussion about price. We’re not cheap, but we’re not “stupid expensive,” either.
  2. This is just one type of sales copy we write. It’s our favorite style, but we do everything from “very corporate” to “in your face,” and do them all well.
  3. We offer a lot more than just write great sales copy. You can check out our other services here.

You need writing that keeps people reading…
Writing that makes people intrigued…
And writing that convinces people to buy.

We hope you’re convinced to buy from us.


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