Why We’re Different

You have hundreds of writers and writing services to choose from. What makes us different?

  • We’re not just writers with decades of experience and advanced degrees. We each own our own businesses as well. As writers, we understand how to communicate fully and clearly with customers and web visitors, and how to create compelling sales copy and calls to action. As businessmen, we understand how to communicate with you to learn about your business and ascertain your needs. And we’re sensitive to the importance of ROI when you’re investing in content.
  • We’re not just pens for hire. We’ve created content for hundreds of our own websites, and that real-world experience allows us to create content that works. We’ve also spent more than a decade doing search engine optimization for our own sites, so SEO-optimized copy is second-nature to us.
  • We keep abreast of trends in search engine marketing, which are reflected in our services. Just one example: Google is rewarding websites more than ever for longer, high-quality content. So we’ve started offering standard packages of 2000-word articles to take advantage of this SEM trend.
  • Quality control is paramount. Phil and Rick work personally on many of our clients’ content. But even if another staff writer creates content for you, either Phil or Rick personally proofs and edits that content to be sure it meets our standards – and yours.