Are You Losing Sales With A Weak Blog?

Give me content or give me death? This is the mantra of search engines and consumers alike. To feed the content beast, most sites start a blog and faithfully update it every few days or weeks with…useless, boring blog posts.
Weak blog posts

Do Your Blog Posts Suck?

It is a simple, blunt question with a dash of rudeness mixed in. You may want to say “no,” but we both know the answer is probably “yes.” Don’t be insulted. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it.

The truth is most blogs are terrible. Do site owners set out to post thin content and update their blogs once every three months or so? Of course not.

The problem is time.

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Hiring a Writer? Here’s What to Look For.

We hire writers all the time. Here’s a list of what we consider “essential” when deciding who makes the cut.
what to look for when hiring a writer

  • Writing ability: this is obviously the most important qualifier. Is their content well-written in native English, without spelling or grammatical errors? Is it easy to understand? If it’s an article or narrative, does it deliver what the introduction or title promises? If it’s sales copy, is there a clear and effective call to action?
  • Intellectual curiosity: they’re going to have to write on a variety of subjects, many of which are new to them. Are they interested to learn about new topics and grasp new material quickly? Are they good researchers, and does their research translate into authoritative copy?
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Welcome to Prestige Writing

Welcome to Prestige Writing. We specialize in high-quality content: content planning and promotion, website copywriting and critiques, articles, blog posts, sales copy, press releases, copy editing and proofreading.

We are owned and operated by professional writers with decades of experience. We don’t subscribe to the “1000 words for $10″ web mentality which seems to be a growing trend. We pride ourselves on producing quality writing you’ll be proud to call your own.

We will work to fully understand your needs, and then create copy which will engage your readers and produce results.

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